Settling In – Prep School Camp

The Prep School year began with all 302 children taking part in an overnight camp and team building event. With the first week of school almost over, we replaced books with sleeping bags and hiked down to Nine Acre for the start of our camp adventure. After games and hot chocolate around the fire, children settled into bed.

At six o’clock the next morning, Nine Acre was bathed in a low mist and not a peep could be heard from the 140 or so tents scattered throughout the field. Recharged with pastries and a warm drink, children and staff kicked off the day with a whole school aerobics session led by Mrs Palma.

Team building challenges then ranged from a 7ft inflatable climbing frame and slide to laser tag, archery and an assault course. Some created a coracle, volunteering a brave team mate to drift out over the Headmaster’s Pond, while other children dissected owl pellets or played frisbee golf.

The sunshine, the challenge and the support offered by friends old and new forged a sense of belonging, giving children and staff a perfect chance to bond together, setting us up for the year ahead.