Day Pupils

Day students benefit from a very similar experience to that of a boarder. They are able and encouraged to spend as much time as possible at College. They may come in for breakfast and stay for supper and they are able to stay on site until 9 pm. They have access to the same amenities, social programme, catering, and benefit from the same house staffing structure. There are three modern day houses with similar facilities to the boarding houses, including kitchen and common room, and each student is appointed a study with a desk to provide personal space to work and relax.


A Day in the Life of a Day Student

Students can return to their house throughout the day and return for refreshments during breaks.

8.00 am – Day houses open but students can come to College earlier for breakfast.

8.20 am – Registration and house notices.

5.30 pm – End of school day. Students can return to house to relax or study. Many go to the gym or meet up with friends around campus to socialise.

6.00 – 6.30 pm – Students can go to dinner.

7.00 pm – Day houses close but students can remain in College for activities or study in the Library.

9.00 pm – All day students to leave campus.