Welcome from the Head

I’m delighted to be here at Ardingly College. I’m a firm believer that children should be happy first, and success will follow thereafter. As teachers, to paraphrase a well-known educator, our role is not to prepare our pupils for something but to help them learn to prepare themselves for anything.  Education should be all about learning and understanding the importance of problem-solving, risk-taking, persistence and perseverance, developing ambitions and being prepared to work hard, amongst other skills.

I would like the pupils of Ardingly College Prep to complete their education at this school thinking they’ve made huge amounts of progress, shaped for the next stage, having been strongly supported by a collaborative, caring and approachable staff who made them happy, ambitious and confident.

The greatest joy of being a Headmaster is creating an environment that allows pupils to flourish and thrive, and to inspire teachers to support our pupils to the best of their ability.

I encourage you to come and visit us on one of our Open Mornings and meet our Ardingly College team to see what an education here can offer.

Mr Harry Hastings, Headmaster