World Ready

Shaping My World Experience

The Shaping My World Experience offers the opportunity for Prep School students to broaden their horizons and develop essential life skills. This two-day immersive program runs during the final week of term and is designed to equip children with new skills and experiences that will empower them for the future. Our aim is for pupils to be curioUS, ingenioUS, adventuroUS and generoUS.

Practical Learning

Our program gets children out of the classroom and into the world of practical learning, with a busy and fun schedule of activities.

The experience is designed to promote a sense of adventure and encourage children to explore and engage with the world around them.

Activities include an orientation day in a local town, cooking workshops, internet safety, first aid, DIY skills, career carousels, and financial understanding workshops.

Students will also participate in music events, art sessions, happiness workshops, and a gratitude afternoon to develop skills in self-reflection, emotional intelligence and well-being.

This unique experience is an opportunity for students to grow personally and develop a lifelong love of learning.