Years 3 to 6

Ardingly College Prep is a hub of joy, learning and success – a truth reflected in the radiant smiles of our pupils. Our school thrives with children eager to explore the world around them, engaging in lessons that ignite their curiosity, all within a nurturing, mindful environment that prioritises wellbeing and community.

Starting early? Children can be dropped off as early as 7.45 am, at our ‘kiss and drop’ point by parents or our school bus, are warmly greeted by Mr Hastings and the Prep SLT.

Each day commences with Form time and registration, followed by an engaging range of lessons. The school day concludes for all year groups at 4.40 pm and a clubs programme is offered until 5:30 pm.

“Progress is excellent and is especially notable in English comprehension, reading and mathematical problem-solving. A wide range of ability is evident throughout … but close attention by teachers to individual needs, including specialist support if needed, is the main factor in this excellent academic development of all groups.”

ISI Report 2018