Clubs and activities are an important part of our school day and every child is encouraged to participate to find a love of something new or to develop existing passions. Most of the clubs are offered without charge.

Example of Prep School Clubs and Activities

This is a sample list of clubs to provide an example of the extensive range of activities on offer to the different age groups. They are subject to change and are updated termly.
*There is a charge for these clubs.
DayTimeClubYear GroupCategory
MondayLunch ClubMandarinAllAcademic
MondayLunch ClubGo Deutsch7 - 8Academic
MondayLunch ClubNewspaper Club5 - 6Academic
MondayAfter SchoolForest Adventurers *3 - 4Outdoor
MondayAfter SchoolHockey3 - 4Sport
MondayAfter SchoolGirls' Football3 - 4Sport
MondayAfter SchoolTennis *3 - 4Sport
MondayAfter SchoolBushcraft *6 - 7Outdoor
MondayAfter SchoolArt7 - 8Art
MondayAfter SchoolRobotic Lego *6 - 7Hobby
MondayAfter SchoolHockey Development Centre3 - 6Sport
MondayAfter SchoolGirls' Football5 - 8Sport
MondayAfter SchoolNetball6 - 8Sport
MondayAfter SchoolElite Football7 - 8Sport
MondayLunch ClubChamber ChoirMusic
MondayTimetabledHangar ChoirMusic
TuesdayBefore SchoolSwim Squad trainingselectedSport
TuesdayBefore SchoolCross CountryAllSport
TuesdayLunch ClubChristian Union6 - 8Other
TuesdayLunch ClubArt5 - 6Art
TuesdayAfter SchoolArdingly Adventurers5Outdoor
TuesdayAfter SchoolLower School Musical5 - 6Hobby
TuesdayAfter SchoolDrama4Drama
TuesdayAfter SchoolDesign Technology3 - 5Academic
TuesdayAfter SchoolCookery *5Hobby
TuesdayAfter SchoolSwim Squad training3 - 5Sport
TuesdayAfter SchoolFencing *AllSport
TuesdayAfter SchoolFutsalAllSport
TuesdayAfter SchoolHockey7 - 8Sport
TuesdayAfter SchoolCostume Design7 - 8Drama
TuesdayAfter SchoolKarateAllSport
TuesdayLunch ClubJazz BandMusic
TuesdayLunch ClubYear 5 ChoirMusic
TuesdayAfter SchoolViola ClubMusic
TuesdayAfter SchoolOrchestraMusic
WednesdayLunch ClubSewingAllHobby
WednesdayLunch ClubBeginner Chess *AllHobby
WednesdayAfter SchoolSwimming Club3 - 6Sport
WednesdayAfter SchoolIntermediate Chess *AllHobby
WednesdayAfter SchoolBasketball7 - 8Sport
WednesdayAfter SchoolUS Musical (Principals only)7 - 8Drama
WednesdayAfter SchoolNinjutsu *3 - 4Sport
WednesdayAfter SchoolWinter Cricket Programme3 - 4Sport
WednesdayAfter SchoolWinter Cricket Programme5 - 8Sport
WednesdayAfter SchoolAdvanced Chess *AllHobby
WednesdayLunch ClubFiddlersMusic
ThursdayBefore SchoolSwim Squad training3 - 5Sport
ThursdayBefore SchoolCross Country6 - 8Sport
ThursdayLunch ClubArt3 - 4Art
ThursdayLunch ClubPoetry Club: 'Jabberwockies'7 - 8Academic
ThursdayLunch ClubNewspaper Club7 - 8Academic
ThursdayLunch ClubFrench Board Games4 - 6Hobby
ThursdayAfter schoolJazz Choir3 - 4Music
ThursdayAfter schoolNetball3 - 5Sport
ThursdayAfter schoolStreet Dance *3 - 5Sport
ThursdayAfter schoolSailing * (until ½ term)3 - 6Sport
ThursdayAfter schoolUS Musical7 - 8Drama
ThursdayAfter schoolFootball Development Centre3 - 6Sport
ThursdayAfter schoolSwim Squad trainingSelectedSport
ThursdayAfter schoolFencingAllSport
ThursdayLunch ClubClarinet; StringMusic
ThursdayAfter SchoolTheory ClubMusic
FridayLunch ClubFlute GroupMusic
FridayLunch ClubChoirMusic