Home from Home

Boarding at Ardingly aims to provide a home away from home. We create a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all boarders. Parents leave their children in our care, confident that they will be looked after well, and that the house parents will protect their interests and welfare. The Prep children all live in the same boarding house, on separate floors, and the girls and boys share their common rooms.

The House and Facilities

Our Boarding House is modern and homely with plenty of space for favourite childhood pastimes. Boarders also have the opportunity to use many of the facilities around the campus. Swimming nights are popular and, in the light of the summer evenings, friendships flourish playing on the Green.

The House has modern kitchen facilities, which the boarders may use to supplement the three meals a day provided in the main school Dining Hall.

Growing independence

Boarding is a stepping stone to independence and an opportunity for pupils to start to learn to take care of themselves. Pupils are encouraged to take some responsibility for organising the things they need with them at school, as well as starting to make time to complete enrichment tasks such as their music practice.

There is a strong House spirit, and the pupils support each other as they grow and mature. Our Year 8 boarders have the opportunity to take on a leadership role as one of our Heads of Boarding, and they play an essential part in supporting our younger boarders.

Boarding life

  • 6.00 pm. Free Time. If the boarders do not have late clubs, they come up to their Boarding House and change into their home clothes. They have access to the Common Room and get together to do different activities. These might include going to the sports hall, playing on the astro or field, cooking, creative challenges, spending time in the Art room and ICT suite or some of our pupils’ favourites such as hide and seek in the dark, bean bag games or lemon jousting! There is also a tuck shop where they can buy a treat through the boarders’ bank. Lots of the boarders enjoy playing ‘Just Dance’, air hockey or table football in the evenings too
  • 7.45 – 8.45pm – Wind Down. After activities, it is time for showers, teeth and PJs. During this time, they can have a snack, catch up with the news and play in house
  • 7.10 am – Wake up and get ready
  • 7.30 am – Breakfast. After breakfast, the boarders head back up to the Boarding House to make or strip their beds, brush teeth, and pack their bags, if necessary – all under Matron’s watchful eye
  • 8.00 am – Join the day pupils for the school day.

Pastoral and Academic Support

We aim for our boarders to thrive both personally and academically. The Houseparents keep a close eye on the boarders’ development and are in regular communication with the academic staff. Any additional work that needs to be completed can be done either in the Boarding House, Library or ICT suite.

Parents are also encouraged to be part of their child’s House, and communication is key, particularly when new children are settling in. The Houseparents make regular links with the class tutors of the Prep School to ensure the pupils settle in smoothly and to support their personal development.

Boarding Options

We aim to make boarding as convenient as possible for parents with both flexi and weekly boarding options:

  • Weekly boarding is from Monday to Thursday night and caters for parents who live slightly further away, work long hours or lead hectic lives
  • Flexi boarding. Children board two or three regular nights per week. Flexi boarding is a popular choice for those who know they will be boarding in Senior School, without committing to boarding weekly. In addition, it is a popular solution to late clubs or rehearsals.

Charges for boarding can be found in our Fee Document

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