Life in the Nursery

Life in our Nursery at Ardingly College begins in the comforting surroundings of their designated ‘base room’, where each child spends time with their dedicated staff member. Children also have opportunities to engage with peers during communal story times and reflection periods.

Every area of our facility offers unique learning experiences. From classrooms to the Nursery garden, from Cyril’s Wood (our Forest School) to the swimming pool, and from the playground to the extensive College grounds, we utilise our learning environment to the fullest. Our staff closely observe and engage with children throughout the day, noting their interests and stages of development to plan enriching activities or organise resources that further stimulate them.

Weekly activities include:

  • Swimming at the College pool
  • Dance sessions with a specialist teacher
  • Forest School sessions led by a trained leader
  • Afternoon ‘clubs’ like Sensory Club, Sports Club, and Gardening Club
  • ‘Rest time’ for those staying for the afternoon session, providing a calm period before the afternoon activities.

Rest times are tailored to individual needs, and we liaise closely with parents to ensure we meet each child’s specific requirements. Rest can range from a nap to a quiet period, depending on your child’s preference.

We encourage children to stay hydrated and provide regular snacks throughout the day using a rolling snack system. We also offer cooked lunches, with all food locally sourced. Toilet needs are addressed as required, promoting independence in our young learners.