We help our pupils

Shape their World


Collaborating and co-operating at a young age is a skill which you need to master to grow up to be successful, so a diverse school community is a good place to discover how best to engage with others. We seek opportunities for our children to work together and exchange views.

“Pupils are enthusiastic and motivated in lessons and they apply themselves well. Their skills in collaborative learning are a considerable strength.”

ISI Report 2018


No child is good at everything but every child is good at something. For some, trying something new is daunting but with encouragement and support something that appears impossible becomes possible. Equally, being able to build resilience to try again at something which initially felt daunting is a skill to be proud of.

“The positive and encouraging environment allows shy and reticent children to build confidence.”

ISI Report 2018


Listening and speaking are of equal value so we ensure our pupils can do both well. Pupils build confidence to engage effectively and appropriately with the people around them, in all school activities. They also need to be able to transfer these skills in an ever-changing hyper-connected world.

“They competently apply their broad knowledge across subject areas and communicate with clarity and confidence both orally and on paper. They are stimulated by open-ended questions and higher order tasks, responding knowledgeably and with intuition.”

ISI Report 2018


Children are naturally energetic and have a tendency to jump in feet first, with actions leading thinking. At Ardingly College we encourage our pupils to pause and consider the implications of their actions to deepen understanding and help shape future decisions.

“Prep teachers are always ready to help and praise whilst creating a culture of challenge asking ‘Do you agree and if not, why?’ Prep pupils are encouraged to spot mistakes, collaborate with their peers and share in their self ­ assessment.”

ISI Report 2018

Endearing Boys and Girls

Honesty, kindness, forgiveness and being a good listener are values we encourage our pupils to live by.

“Pupils have a strong moral code and understanding.
Pupils are unfailingly polite, courteous and respectful and their behaviour and sense of responsibility around the school site was observed to be excellent. Pupils have a genuine sense of right and wrong.”

ISI Report 2018

Independent Individual

Growing up is a journey of independence. As a child matures, they are given the opportunity to stand on their own two feet so they are prepared to face academic and life challenges in the future.

“Pupils’ self-understanding is excellent. They readily embrace and seek opportunities to self-assess their work and reflect on and improve their own performance and understanding. They appreciate that perseverance, hard work and resilience are key to their development.”

ISI Report 2018

We look forward to welcoming you

Open Mornings Welcome from Mr Hastings, Headmaster