Prep School trip to Naples

Naples Prep SchoolThirty Year 7 & Year 8 Prep School pupils flew to Naples in the Easter holidays to visit the Naples Archaeological Museum, Pompeii, Herculaneum and of course hike up Mount Vesuvius. The hotel was amazing with stunning views over the Bay of Naples with the volcano in the background looming over the skyline. 

Joey Andrews Y8:

This was one of the most enjoyable and interesting trips I have ever been on, however, I am sure that many would agree that it started off with a difficult start; A three o’clock in the morning wake up! I managed to appease myself with a hot bacon baguette on the plane and a nice long nap. Arriving in Naples, or Napoli as the Italians call it, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. However, the weather was constantly changing and so my outfits ranged from shorts to thick jumpers, but this was always complemented by my newly infamous sunglasses. My favourite memory of this wonderful experience has to be, after much wheezing and coughing, reaching the summit of Mount Vesuvius and being rewarded with the awe inspiring view of miles of beautiful fields, ancient towns and one of the richest cultures I have ever seen. Of course, the shop at the top of the mountain must have had record sales, as nearly every student bought anything they could find to be able to use the single toilet on the entire volcano. Finally, I want to thank all the teachers who took time out of their Easter holidays to traipse us around museums and up mountains!

Gratias ago omnibus magistribus!

Maddy Lashbrook Y7

I enjoyed climbing Mt Vesuvius, it was an amazing experience and at the top there was a brilliant view and the air was so fresh. It was scary to imagine it was once an active volcano. The zebra crossings in Pompeii were interesting because they were blocks of stone which you had to jump across. In the old days these were raised so the sewage could flow underneath. Herculaneum was fascinating to walk around and gave me a good idea of how the Romans lived in AD79, when it was covered by volcanic matter which preserved it beautifully for us to learn from. Finally I thoroughly enjoyed all the food : from the proper Italian pizzas to making and eating gelato. When we made our lemon gelato we had a good giggle as the chef kept saying that the air needed to mix with the gelato to make it smooth – we thought he was saying “hair”! I’ve tried the recipe he gave us at home and my family all loved the raspberry gelato.