Welcome to the Pre-Prep and Nursery

Welcome to Ardingly Pre-Prep and Nursery,

Childhood is a time of joy and discovery. Every child is born with a desire to learn and the best schools make sure they never lose that. Here at Ardingly College Pre-Prep and Nursery we provide a vibrant and exciting environment for children to learn and grow whilst developing early ownership of learning. Our Creative Curriculum provides the experiences for each child to Discover Their World and explore their individual strengths and talents. Our inspiring and caring teachers are passionate about bringing learning to life, taking the children on a voyage of discovery and adventure.

We endeavour to encourage the children to be GeneroUS, AdventuroUS, IngenioUS and CurioUS. You will notice all those words, those skills, behaviours and characteristics, end in US. There’s a reason for that: we believe we should work in partnership with you, the parents, to support, nurture and develop your child in their journey.

“The future belongs to the CurioUS. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it and turn it inside out.” (LONG ISLAND EXPLORIUM)

We are passionate about supporting every child to grow in a safe, stimulating environment so they will discover the skills and understanding that will enable them to go on to become happy and successful adults in tomorrow’s world. At Ardingly College we strive to help all our pupils become ‘World Ready’ by Discovering Their World in the Pre-Prep before moving on to Shaping Their World in the Prep School.

The children love exploring our extensive grounds at Ardingly College outside of our historic farmhouse and buildings; whilst developing a sense of responsibility and care for the world surrounding them.

I look forward to welcoming you at Ardingly Pre-Prep and Nursery soon and look forward to sharing our wonderful school with you.

Amy Venables Kyrke
Assistant Head KS1 and EYFS