Discovering our World and the World Ready Journey

Our distinctive vision – guiding our students to be ready for the world

Pre-Prep School – Discovering My World

Children as young as two start on our World Ready journey.  In the Pre-Prep, we indulge their questioning minds in an environment full of intrigue and adventure where they start to discover their world, and develop a love of learning. With an understanding of their world, they build respect for the planet and everything in it. They discover that they are happiest when they are rewarded for being a clever thinker, they feel fulfilled if they overcome something by being brave and they are liked by others when they are kind.

Prep School – Shaping My World

When children move into Year 3, they join the Prep School where they start to shape their world. They learn to take responsibility for their decisions, reflect on their actions and build resilience. Passions are discovered and talents realised whilst knowledge and skills are developed. Learning comes to life as they relate and apply their learning to real life situations. As children move further up the school, we prepare them for the challenges they may face as they find their way in the world. In preparation for transition to Senior School, they have opportunities to experience Senior School life and a taste of the Life Skills programme.

Senior School – The World Ready Journey                                               

Our aim is that every Senior School student gains insight, empathy and skills to live fulfilling adult lives. We encourage them to be global citizens, illustrating active engagement with global issues. They are equipped with entrepreneurship, self-reliance, initiative and collaboration. Our programme through the Senior School and Sixth Form prepares students to be World Ready in a number of ways.

Schools are places of discovery as well as education. We help students find their special aptitudes and talents and help them flourish. Students engage with the world around them with the practical application of knowledge from people from other communities and workplaces. Ardingly College students become young adults ready for life and the challenges of an inter-connected world.