Pastoral Care

These are your child’s first steps into the world and we want to ensure they are cared for and supported as well as they have been at home. At Ardingly, we introduce your child to the wonderful world of learning in a happy, caring and supportive environment surrounded by thoughtful and approachable staff.

In these formative years, attitudes, trust in authority and confidence in leadership are shaped. We make sure that your child has the best start possible to build their confidence and teach them how to become an essential part of the community whilst not losing their individuality; how to blend communal spirit with personal best.

We have staff dedicated to creating a close-knit community at Ardingly. The small class sizes ensure that every member of staff can get to know your child’s likes, needs and worries and be best placed to ensure they are happy and comfortable at school.

Parents are keenly encouraged to be part of their child’s school life and to develop positive relationships with staff, through regular contact at morning drop-off and afternoon collection as well as at more formal occasions, such as parent evenings.

Then you, as parents, can be confident that your child is cherished and cared for from the moment they are dropped off until collection at the end of a wonderful day.