Parental Contact

Keeping you in the loop

We understand our parents want to be kept fully informed about their child’s progress and development. There is plenty of one-to-one communication, either at drop-off or pick-up, on the phone or via email.

In addition, we provide you with a Care Diary that will inform you of all the important routines of the day, such as rest times and nappy changes. This Care Diary also allows you to tell us exactly how you would like your child to be cared for, ensuring complete continuity with your routines and care at home.

Our parents and children particularly love the Tapestry system which we use to communicate children’s progress on a regular basis. This web-based system uses pictures of the children, videos and examples of the children’s work, alongside teacher comments, which you can access at any time, so you will never need to wonder what your child did at Nursery.

A weekly newsletter will keep you in touch with all that is going on at Nursery.