Nursery Setting

Safe, spacious, beautiful, stimulating environment

Within the Nursery building, the Pre-Nursery and Nursery children have their own special rooms, but have plenty of time to mingle and play together.

Our enclosed outdoor all-weather play area overlooks a vista of outstanding natural beauty. Our woods, ponds, rivers and meadows encourage the children to love the world they live in. From classrooms to the Nursery garden, from Cyril’s Wood (where Forest School occurs) to the swimming pool and wide College grounds, we take every advantage to learn by discovering the grounds and facilities around us.

Nothing stops our children from enjoying the fresh air and wonder of our beautiful outdoor environment. The right clothes make sure they stay warm and dry enough to be really happy and our all-weather outdoor play area means that nothing can get in the way of their outdoor learning.

Each week the children undertake a wide range of activities indoors and outside, building confidence and the ability to take risks. Every day brings a different, exciting experience from swimming through to Forest School so you can be sure that no day will ever be boring. The Pre-Prep really is a safe and Idyllic place to to discover and learn.