What age can my child join the Nursery?

Ardingly Nursery accepts children from two years of age.

How do you keep parents informed and involved?

Parents are a very important part of the school and we involve and communicate with you regularly. As well as speaking to you at drop off and collection, there are weekly newsletters, curriculum information, learning journals and events. We encourage two-way communication so that together we can ensure your child has the best possible experience.

How is my child’s progress tracked?

Your child’s learning journal is a record of his/her experiences using staff observation and photographs. Through this, their strengths, weaknesses and ‘next steps’ are identified. Parents are able to access the secure journals online at any time.

Is food provided and do you cater for dietary requirements?

Throughout the day the children are provided with healthy snacks and drinks. Children staying for lunch are provided with a nutritious, freshly prepared hot meal. The award-winning Catering Department at Ardingly can provide meals for all dietary requirements.

What are your opening hours?

The Nursery is open 8am to 6pm, 50 weeks of the year.

Wraparound care is offered from Reception, caring from children from 8am to 6pm during term time. During some weeks of the school holidays, the Ardingly Holiday Club is available for children to attend.

What child to staff ratios do you follow?

1:4 for under three years old and 1:8 for under fives.

Do you have to continue from the Nursery onto Reception?

There is no obligation to continue from the Nursery into Reception and Year 1. For the majority who do, there is a seamless transition as they are already familiar with the surroundings and staff.

Is there a minimum number of sessions?

The minimum number of sessions is two in Pre-Nursery and four in Nursery.

Do children have to be out of nappies?

No, we accept children who are still in nappies.

Do Nursery children mix with the older pupils at the Pre-Prep?

Although they have their own building and outside space, there are times when early years pupils mix with those in the rest of the Pre-Prep. This encourages social skills and confidence and our older children love looking after the smaller ones.