Pre-Prep Virtual Art Exhibition

The children in the Pre-Prep became immersed in all things creative during Art Week!  They explored using different media to produce some fabulous work and were inspired by famous artists such as Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol and Paul Klee.  We were proud to showcase this wonderful collection in our very first Virtual Art Exhibition.


This is an amazing selection of work from the youngest children in the Cowshed. Well done to all those super Bumblebees and Ladybirds who have impressed us all with their super artwork!

Year 1

The children in Foxes and Hedgehogs have inspired us with the variety of work they have shown.  From snow art to abstracts, sculpture to careful drawing and paint work.  Year 1 have wowed us with their adventurous attitude and willingness to take risks.  Enjoy the range and excellence on display.

Year 2

After learning about a range of artists all week, Otters and Owls have used their knowledge as inspiration to create their own pieces of art. Look out for the influences of Monet, Seurat, Frida Kahlo and Warhol. I have also been delighted to see many children explore colour mixing, shape and form to create their own brilliant artwork!