Microsoft Surface Pro device agreement

Windows Surface Agreement

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In this agreement ‘the College’ means Ardingly College Ltd and ‘user’ means the student and the parents/guardians of the student to whom the device is issued.  The ‘property’ or ‘device’ refers to a Surface Pro tablet, detachable keyboard, charging unit, stylus pen and rugged case.

The Surface Pro, including software, charging unit, rugged case, stylus pen and any other accessories remain the property of the Ardingly College at all times and in all locations.

Please read through this agreement which summarises the College’s commitment and the College’s expectation of the users and the parents/guardians of users issued with a device.

This agreement must be completed, signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the College before the device will be issued to the user.  

The College will:

  1. Provide a Surface Pro device and accessories to the user for educational purposes. This will include one stylus pen and one charging unit.
  2. Review the provision at the end of each 3-year period.
  3. Ensure that the device is working and loaded with appropriate software when handed over and offer technical support as is appropriate during term time.
  4. Provide users with an introduction in how to use and care for the device and use the relevant software.
  5. Ensure that the device is covered by insurance against theft, loss or accidental damage, providing reasonable care is taken and subject to points 3, 14, 15, 16, 17 in the Users section
  6. Provide first line technical support and warranty services to users through the provided College and Microsoft warranty.

Users will:

  1. Meet the cost of any uninsured losses and pay an excess of £100 for any claims made if the device is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.
  2. Meet the full cost of replacement stylus pens and charging units.
  3. Ensure the Surface Pro is always kept inside the supplied rugged case. The rugged case may only be removed by a member of IT Support. If the rugged case has been removed by the user and any damage occurs the user’s parents / guardian will be liable for the full cost of repair.
  4. Ensure the device is only used for College related purposes.
  5. Ensure the device is only used to access College documents and systems for educational purposes only. The device is not to be used for private use.
  6. Ensure the device is brought to College each day, fully charged and ready to use.
  7. Consider purchasing a slip case that the device can be carried in. This is strongly recommended by the College. Please note the slip case must be able to accommodate the device that is stored inside its rugged case. The intention is that the slip case can be personalised for the user and so make them easy to identify.
  8. Ensure the user makes every effort to protect the device against virus infection and malware or other undesirable software by being diligent when opening links or downloading files.
  9. Ensure the user keeps passwords and other authentication information secure from others and ensure the Surface Pro is locked when not in use.
  10. Ensure that the device is used, cared for and protected in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and relevant College IT policies.
  11. Report any e-safety concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, including cyber-bullying and harassment etc.
  12. Ensure that the device is returned to the College in good condition when the user leaves the College, or at any other time upon the request of a member of the IT department. A charge will apply for unreturned or damaged Surface Pros, detachable keyboards, charging units, rugged cases, or any other accessories issued up to a maximum of £1200.
  13. Ensure the device is not used for any illegal, immoral and/or anti-social purpose.
  14. Report any loss, theft or damage of the device (including any accidental loss or damage) immediately to IT Support at
  15. If the device is stolen, ensure that it is reported to the police immediately, and a Crime Reference Number obtained. In addition, IT Support are to be notified immediately and given the Crime Reference Number at
  16. Ensure the user takes great care of the device at all times, including not leaving it unattended in unsecured areas.
  17. Ensure the device is transported safety, securely and out of general view and only left in vehicles if it is locked in the boot compartment of the vehicle out of general view. Devices must not be kept in vehicles overnight.
  18. Ensure the device is not customised externally or subject to careless or malicious damage or defacing.
  19. Ensure the user abides by the College’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


The College is not responsible for and will not accept liability for:

  • Crimes against the computer or user covered by the Computer Misuse Act and amending legislation.
  • Loss of personal data.
  • Home banking/financial transaction issues.
  • Use for illegal or immoral purposes.

There may be occasions when a device needs to be returned to the College for repair and it may be necessary to completely remove all information on the device. It is therefore recommended that parents/guardians ensure the user stores all work on their OneDrive folder, or in Class Team before handing it to the IT department.

The above terms and conditions may change from time to time. Parents/guardians are expected to accept these changes as notified.  The wording of any amended terms and conditions will be posted to the Parent Portal as and when they are implemented.

Download the Microsoft Surface Pro device agreement