Poet Tree on National Poetry Day

On the 3rd of October,  the Ardingly Pre-Prep celebrated the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day by visiting our ‘Poet Tree’ in the Pre-Prep Library.

When each class arrived, the pupils took a poem from the tree and then sat on the library carpet to share them together with their teachers.

Some poems were about nature, or biking, or grandparents, or mud and some were a little bit silly! We really enjoyed creating a buzz around poetry, especially as some children brought in their favourite poems from home to share with their classes. Others wrote their own poems, either at home, or in class. Phoebe from Year 1 wrote a Haiku-esque poem, which is a very short form of Japanese poetry in three phrases:

  • Birds blow out
  • And leaves fall
  • Off the trees

What a wonderful celebration for National Poetry Day.