Personal Spotlight – Patrick Green

Meet Patrick Green, the new House Master for Rhodes House 

Patrick Green joined us at Ardingly College in September as a Housemaster for Rhodes House, after working previously as a Boarding Housemaster for Kings Ely school in Cambridgeshire, giving him vast experience in looking after a boarding house of 60 boys, as well as teaching P.E and games. 

Whilst growing up Tunbridge Wells, Patrick recognised Ardingly College as an exceptional school that stood out in the local area, inspiring him to join the college and move closer to home. Patrick is looking forward to embracing the Rhodes House culture and he has quickly become well acquainted with the boys, as a result of the more extensive wrap-around pastoral care, here at the College.  

Given that building culture and community is one of Patrick’s biggest passions, he is currently implementing the house award scheme, as well as a prospective mentor scheme between older and younger students at Rhodes House. He is also thrilled to bring many of his interesting hobbies to the school, such as running a juggling enrichment programme for students, guaranteeing his success in juggling the tasks involved in the running of a busy day house! Patrick is enthused to continue to build the Rhodes community and spirit in the future.