A term of fundraising for Chestnut Tree House

It has been a fantastic start to our two year affiliation with Chestnut Tree House. We collected 202 donation bags, which is estimated to raise £6k for the hospice.
We were blessed with nice weather for the recent Reindeer Run. There was some very keen runners who whipped round in under 15 minutes, but for those who took it more leisurely, the volunteers managed to splatter them with snowballs and snow. It looks like this morning exercise raised over £1800.
Next term there will be a home clothes day in Senior School, and a visit to the wonderful Hospice. Prep and Pre-Prep students will be given the challenge of being entrepreneurs and there will be lots of preparation for a whole college fashion show, where the theme will be ‘Environment and Conservation’, in the Summer Term. Also the Prep and Pre-Prep Summer Fayre will come together to raise money.
In addition to raising money for Chestnut Tree House, there have been some other super initiatives: Mertens 24hr cycle ride which raised over £1800 for the Kenya trip, the Chamber Choir sang at the  David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation concert in Guildford and Pre-Prep raised £2000 for the NSPCC.
Super super charity everyone!