October 2014

It’s hard to believe that I have completed my first half term in Shell. It has been extremely busy, especially as I am involved in clubs both inside and outside school every day, however I have enjoyed every minute of it (especially the tuck shop)! I thoroughly enjoyed my two years in the Prep School and felt very honoured to be made Head Girl in year 8. Saying farewell to some of my close friends in the summer was difficult but moving up to Senior School with many good friends has been great and I have enjoyed getting to know lots of new people too, including several international students. When I first arrived in the Senior School, the hardest challenge was finding my way around and doing that quickly enough so that I wasn’t given a detention for being late – somehow I managed this! The lunch queue presents another challenge, especially for those who suffer with claustrophobia; it is so crowded. In particular I have enjoyed the hockey, especially the Monday evening training sessions, as well as the orchestra and jazz band. Outside school I continue to love my football, training and playing for a local girls’ team every weekend. I am also enjoying learning to play tennis and am keeping on with the piano. Just in the last week, I have been fortunate enough to participate in a trip to Oxford to watch a Greek tragedy with some of the other Latin students. Despite only getting to bed just before 1 am on Thursday morning, somehow I managed to wake up and run the Steepo; this was gruelling but the highlight at the end of my first half term.