“My 1st week at Ardingly” by Carolyn Parker

1st week at Ardingly CollegeMy first day at Ardingly was when I moved in as a boarder. This was a lovely experience, if bittersweet. It does, however, give parents an opportunity to meet their child’s tutor in person. The parent of any new boarder, no matter how far away they live, should attempt to make it to the first day, to see the place that their child’s life will revolve around for at least the next year. My first day was lovely as I had many people who were all as new and completely lost as I was! It was easy for me to feel camaraderie with the other new students and the first day – and the day of new student orientation – made sure that we bonded and made at least a few good acquaintances before being let loose into the world of those who had already been at Ardingly a good few years.

Boarding in Ardingly is full-time. I mean this in every sense of the word. You are, in some way, in school and going from the moment you wake up to the end of Evening School. Although lessons officially finish at around 4pm, diverse activities from a cadet programme to photography to rabbit breeding (one of the more popular clubs with 37 members this year) keep you busy for another good hour or so. We are encouraged to be self -motivated and all  students are encouraged to reach their potential in all subjects at their different school levels.

Ardingly is a place for students who wish to take the bull by the horns and take control of their own future. My first week may have only given me a brief glimpse of what is  ahead in my first year but I am eagerly awaiting the challenges and opportunities to come.