Mertens House 24-hour challenge

On Saturday 10th December Mertens House took on their annual 24-hour challenge. With fifty pupils involved, including four ex-Mertens pupils who are now in Woodard, we decided to try to keep four bikes going for the full period. This meant each participant had approximately seven twenty minute cycles over the course of the 24-hour period; in itself it sounds manageable but the 1am – 8am slots ae pretty demanding. The total distance cycled was over 2500 KM, and there were some mighty individual performances, notably, Ollie O’Regan who cycled 17KM in the final 20 minute slot. We have been raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease association. The organisation is very close to the heart of the Mertens Head of House, Eddie Hyatt, and the current total raised is £3357.