May 2015

Certainly the past few months, since I wrote my last blog, has been quite an eventful time for me. In January 2014, I was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine). By the time I first saw my consultant last March, the degree of curvature in my spine was already significant and so sadly he confirmed that I would definitely need surgery to help straighten my spine. By the time I was admitted to hospital in December, unfortunately my condition had deteriorated so rapidly that it transpired I needed two lengthy operations, not just the one I had expected. Eventually I returned home from hospital on Christmas Day to begin my recovery. I have to wear a back brace for 6 months and I am not allowed to bend or twist or lift or carry anything weighing more than 2 kg during that time. Furthermore, I have not been allowed to undertake any sport whatsoever. For those people who know me, they will understand how difficult this has been for me as I am naturally an incredibly active person and I have a passion for sport. The past few months have understandably been quite difficult and very frustrating for me as I still need help with basic daily functions, such as getting dressed and showering; at school I cannot even carry my own books or school bag so I have felt a real burden to others. Everyone at school – from Mr Figgis and his team of staff to all my friends – have just been so thoughtful and kind which has made my time recovering much easier. I cannot wait to get the back brace off in June and gradually start to experiment with sport again. In the meantime, and despite everything, I have continued to enjoy all the opportunities I have been given during the past few months: there is certainly a great deal of lively banter in my Latin class and therefore in so many of my other lessons too; it was great to take part and be successful in the Maths competition again this year (although I think the next stage is going to be rather challenging!); and I have been pleased to return to Orchestra this term now that I can blow my clarinet again. My challenge now is to get back to the Saxophone so Mr Smith has to put up with me again in his Jazz Band and, probably most importantly to me, get back to my sport, even Hockey I hope eventually with my own determination and the help of my wonderful coaches…..