March 2015

I cannot quite remember when I penned my last blog, however it was some months ago and I find it hard to believe that we are coming to the end of yet another term, indeed I only have one term left in the Prep school and I wonder where years 7 and 8 have gone…… This has been a very busy – and quite stressful – term for me as I sat the Academic Scholarship papers just after half term as well as being assessed in my Sport and Music. I was therefore so delighted and very relieved to find out just recently that I have attained Honorary Academic and All Round (Ashdown) Scholarships for entry in to the Senior school in September. Despite being so busy, I have still managed to continue to play an active part in all aspects of school life, participating in a great variety of sporting and music events as well as, at the last minute, being involved in the Prep School’s Alice in Wonderland production, playing in the band. December 2013 saw me achieve my grade 6 on the piano and, as I write this, I await the results of my grade 6 clarinet exam which I took last Friday. I am very excited as this Saturday (at some terrible hour in the middle of the night!) I depart Gatwick on the Prep School Ski Trip with a number of my very close friends from year 8 which will be a fantastic start to the Easter holiday. Although I then come back to prepare for Common Entrance, I am looking forward to next term, when hopefully I will be able to play Tennis as well as Rounders at school and play in various concerts too. After CE, the end of my time in year 8 will be marked by our very exciting Outward Bound trip to Wales in June (I can’t wait!) followed by the Leavers’ Ball.