International Women’s Day 2023

This term, we celebrated another thought-provoking and moving celebration of International Women’s Day at Ardingly. Through our ‘How to Build A Safer Society’ conference and world-café style interactive seminars, led by inspiring women engaged in changemaking in diverse spheres, an impressive group of students engaged with the theme of embracing gender equity as a means towards equality.

The Chapel was beautifully transformed with the art of ‘Forgotten Female Artists’ (curated by Ms Lee), superb student work, and our EquiTree and installation on the steps and blocks to Equity.

I was highly impressed by the creativity and energy with which students from Year 7 to 13 responded to poet Erin James’ superb workshop on the power of the written word for transformation and activism.

Ms O’Niell Kaan (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead)

The ‘Finding Your Voice, and Using It’ immersive workshop (run by Ms Gilmore Bailey, Ms Spink, Ms Carr-Bates and Ms O’Neill Kaan) was a highlight of the day, witnessing students question what constitutes a ‘good woman’ and reclaim their voices and physical presence both tangibly and metaphorically.

Once more, staff and students shared poetry, song and a sense of solidarity in our magical Red Tent event. The girls, women and allies who participated spoke of the power of these events, and the clear truth that in building a fairer, safer and more equitable society for women (liberated form systemic inequality and abuse), we create a better world for all