Interhouse Debating 2017

The Interhouse Debating competition came to a close on Monday (27 March).
29 teams took part in 26 debates, over 6 weeks of competition, in which 87 students have battled to become this year’s champions!  Plus we have been happy to host many more than this in the audiences.
Prizes were awarded on Monday for the winning teams.  For the Seniors: Aberdeen and the Juniors: Rhodes.
All of the teams that took part deserve a round of applause, for showing off their persuasive skills. 

Aberdeen – Olga Krasnenkova, Nathalie Ausch  Donella Torcassi
Rhodes – Charles Amos, Luca Williams, Luca Demetriadi
Neal – Isabella Hodgson, Gertie Cameron, Abigail Horton
Rhodes – Max Murphy, Isaac Goodwin, Tom Cunningham