Iceland Trip 2022

“The Geography Iceland trip was a once in a lifetime experience. Based mainly in the south of the Island we visited a number of beautiful waterfalls, lots of amazing tectonic landforms and geothermal features like bubbling mud pools and exploding geysers. A highlight of the trip for many was the glacier walk. We were kitted out with crampons and pickaxes and walked through ice blue crevice’s in the glacier and witnessed some spectacular sunset views overlooking the glacial valley. Another popular activity was the blue lagoon (a geothermal spa) where we relaxed in warm waters with the option to put on face masks and collect a free drink.  Whilst these were all amazing experiences the highlight of the trip for me was the northern lights – I hadn’t expected to see them given the unlikely chances on a 5-day trip! They really were spectacular and it’s something I’ll never forget!”

Student, Fifth Form