House Music 2020

What an amazing afternoon of music! Each House performed two pieces to a packed Chapel, firstly as a House and then the most talented musicians represented it as an ensemble. Music ranged from rock to acapella with in-house musicians playing everything from electric guitar to ukulele to accompany the singers. The energy was electrifying and even the most nervous performer gave it their all in the spirit of House competition.

It was a pleasure to welcome Mr Lewis Brito-Babapulle from Worth School to adjudicate, he admitted it was an unenviable task to select the winners. However, a decision had to be made and the awards went to:

House Song

  1. Woodard Girls

  2. Woodard Boys

  3. Mertens

House Ensemble

  1. Woodard Boys

  2. Woodard Girls

  3. Burgess