House Life

This term we have seen the official expansion of our Senior School Community, as Years 7 and 8 joined the Senior School; the Lower School boarders have been super at getting involved in the community, joining Sunday trips and joining the Middle School houses for various evening events.  

The Day house community has also expanded with the opening of Pearson Day boys’ house, all the growing day boys are enjoying the extra space.  

For the new Upper Sixth who have moved into Godwin Hall the boys and girls have commented how much they love the communal space and sharing their final UVI year together.  

For the boarding community there has been a lot going on this term, there have been house dinners; house trips to ice hockey and Glow Wild; boarding socials (eg Thanksgiving/Prom, Games Night, Silent Disco, Oktoberfest) and Sunday trips (GoApe, Bluewater, Brighton Marina).  

From the boarders POV (thanks to Elise, Felix and Ginny) 

The first and longest term of the year is already over! 

In between the many socials, integration activities, concerts, plays and charity events, we’ve barely had the time to rest which is why this Christmas break has come at the right time. 

The year started with the annual Safari social, which is where we have a three-course meal in three different boarding houses. The starters were in the car park between Hilton and Mertens, main course was in Toynbee and Aberdeen and dessert was in Woodard. It is always a great way for new students to familiarise themselves with the school and get to meet people from the different houses.  

Hilton had the pleasure of hosting the first Boarding Social of the year (based on a Hawaii theme). Hilton, Toynbee and Aberdeen have all enjoyed House Dinners, which were attended by parents and students. These provide a great opportunity to come together and celebrate the successes of individual students and the Houses as a whole. 

There were a lot of firsts and lasts this term. Firsts for our new students joining the boarding community – lots of integration events, first socials, first House events, first performances, first fixtures – and lasts for our UVI: UVI girls doing a final Drama Production, final hockey and football seasons, final drafts of UCAS forms. 

And finally, we have really enjoyed the world cup matches, they have brought a sense of unity and solidarity within the boarding community at Ardingly as people get together to support their respective countries. 

Ardingly boarding is an amazing experience which is praised by young, talented and driven students from all different backgrounds, each having different individual qualities and values, which form a great spirit and bond between not only the students of one house, but the boarding community as a whole. Speaking on behalf of the Houses, we appreciate the staff who make all of this possible for us and make the Ardingly experience unbelievable. This term has been very enjoyable and looking forward to the terms ahead.