HonkPrep School students delight and amuse with their tremendous musical performance at Chequer Mead Theatre.

From sparkly green froglets bouncing on trampolines with yellow rubber gloves on, to an 8 foot hen-house on stage with excitable young ducklings flying down it, the Ardingly Prep school drama club has done it again!  The talent gets better every year and was complemented with dazzling lights, fake snow falling on stage, a brilliant live professional band and to top it all, some outstanding performances from the students.  Who’d have thought a year 8 student could play the Cat so convincingly on crutches that she made it look as if they were part of her costume? With the largest cast to date – 65 in total and over 10 children helping back stage – Honk! was a truly masterful production that will be remembered by many for its creativity, humour and touching performances.