Heads of House

What is it like being Co-heads of house?

Being chosen to represent the house in such a way is a great honour and feels fantastic. To think that we are seen in a similar light to the likes of Sam, Michael, Jesse, and Carlos is an amazing feeling. Yet as Co-heads we know that the challenge is only just beginning. The annual inter-house running competition, Steepo is just around the corner and we will certainly be doing everything in our power to galvanise the boys to hopefully produce a completion winning performance. With the power we have both been given comes a huge load of responsibility, although this may seem quite daunting to us both at first we will certainly relish each and every challenge that faces us. There are over 60 boys in house and we look forward to getting to know each and every one of them inside out, supporting them at events and giving them a hand if they are ever in need. We are extremely happy to be Co-heads of house and see our appointments both as an opportunity to give back to the house that has given us so much over the years, and also to develop ourselves. We are really looking forward the year ahead, and are both very eager to see what impact we can make around the house and on the boys.

Josh R-D and Colin M.