Having fun – bonding early in the term for our Boarders!!”

Saturday kicked off, literally, with fixtures against Alleyns for the boys and Reigate Grammar for the girls, but of course, this was just a prelude to the main event, Hilton Karaoke in the Under. There was SOME quality performers on display, and some NOT so quality!! But the energy was there for all to see!… And if hot dogs were your thing, then there were plenty of those too. Overall, an amazing night hosted by the Hilton boys, Mr Couch and Mr and Mrs Walters.

Whilst the mood of Saturday night was LOVE, the mood of Sunday was WAR! Paintballing and Laser Tag was on the program!

95 boarders from across Aberdeen, Hilton, Mertens and Toynbee travelled to Horsham to put friendships aside and fire tiny paint-filled missiles at one another, all in the name of bonding and team spirit. Even the staff got involved! In the first 2 games, Mertens and Hilton resurrected their age old rivalry with honours even while Aberdeen and Toynbee went toe to toe on a battle field of their own. The final match up of Mertens-Toynbee versus Hilton-Aberdeen was a battle for the ages when the latter secured victory with a bold and decisive move!

The Woodard Boys and Girls engaged in warfare of their own with laser guns and bows and arrow. Four teams fought it out in the 2 arenas with a hotly contested final result between team Bennetts and Lovat – the latter just coming out on top! After 4 hours of battle and team building, the troops returned to base Godwin for a well-deserved BBQ.

Thanks to all the boarding staff for their generous hosting of events and to all the boarders who so valiantly sung, danced and fought!