Geography trip to Naples and Sicily

Naples and Sicily TripDuring the Easter holidays, 13 Shell students took part on a Geography trip to Naples and Sicily. Whilst in Naples, students visited the ruins of Pompeii; climbed Mt Vesuvius; explored the historic coastal town of Sorrento and sampled the exquisite Campanian cuisine.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the climbing of Mt Etna which dominates the island of Sicily. Students boarded a cable car to reach the 2000 metre point before transferring to a 4×4 monster truck to climb the remaining 1000 metres to the summit.Naples and Sicily Trip

The students also completed a 200 metre hike in knee-high snow to reach an active lava field.

The experience was outstanding, enriched the students Geography studies and provided them with memories that the students will cherish for a long time.