GCSE Results 2015

Headmaster Ben Figgis commented: “GCSEs remain a vital qualification for students both as a passport into the Sixth Form and as the only results they have when they apply for university. Our GCSE students have achieved the high grades that will enable them to apply successfully to the best universities both here in the UK and abroad. For the College, we are delighted to have sustained the record GCSE results of last year, in addition to the record A Level and IB results that we celebrated last week. Ardingly’s results are still rising, and we are bucking the flat-lining of schools nationally and in the independent sector.”

The average subject grade per candidate was an A, and nearly 20% of the 112 Fifth Form attained all A*s or As. 62% of all grades were A*-A, and 87% were A*-B. This is counter to the national trend that top grades will be lower due to harder examinations. 

Among top performers were Patrick Moore with 11 A*s and Thomas Hindle with 10A*s and an A. Illustrating that sports and academic success are twinned at Ardingly, U16 National Hockey finalists Ciara Branagan and Rebecca Chee both attained 10A*s. Top footballers Matt Penfold and Oscar McConnell, who played in Ardingly’s winning ISFA final, achieved  6A*s 1A 3Bs and 2A*s 5As and 2Bs respectively

Ardingly science and language results continue to be particularly outstanding. In Biology 91% of all grades were A*-A, with 82% in Chemistry and 79% in Physics respectively. 88% of all grades in Mathematics were A*-B. 94% of all grades in English Language and 81% of all grades in English Literature were A*-B.

This is especially pleasing as students take the very demanding IGCSE examinations. 

Religious Studies students achieved 93% A*-A and 89% of all grades in German and 86% in Chinese were A*-A.