GCSE and A Level Art Exhibition

Art ExhibitionThe 2016 GCSE and A Level Art Exhibition took place on the evening of Thursday 26th May in the Senior School Gallery and Studios. Between 6-8pm the rooms gradually packed out with the lively buzz of artists, families, friends and staff who universally responded with awe and interest to the vast range of projects and pieces displayed. The GCSE show was split into 2 rooms, one full of the major coursework displays, and the other the exam unit entitled ‘Past, Present & Future’. Pencil realism, sparkling slogan covered lingerie and crushed Michael Jacksons were just a fraction of what adorned the walls. Canapes and drinks were taken as investigation of the imaginative and sometimes challenging pieces of art were discussed and explained. The A Level group also showed 2 projects each, a personal study of practical experimentation and a research essay alongside an exam under the theme of ‘Truth, Fantasy, Fiction’. Mythological watercolours, gritty hyper-realist floor slabs and pyrographic illustrated wood entranced everyone present. The 6th form artists also showed their diverse creativity by entertaining the crowds with cello, piano and song during the night – creating a wonderful, relaxed atmosphere for us all. This years’ students deserve high praise for their dedication, imagination and confidence and they will all be missed as they move on to their 6th form courses (although some are back with us!) and art universities in September. Mrs Grover, Miss Dewing and Bernie wish them all well in their new adventures.