Evensong at St.Paul’s Cathedral

On Monday, 26th November, the termly cathedral visit saw the choir sing Evensong at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. A building steeped in history and majesty, this was a simply awe-inspiring experience as the choir sang Choral Evensong. Following rehearsals in the choir room in the crypt, the pupils were able to explore the cathedral floor alongside making the journey up the several steps to access the Whispering Galley. An afternoon rehearsal in the Quire followed in which the pupils grappled with the acoustic demands of singing in such a large space whilst Mr Thompson was able to explore the plethora of musical options the 5 manual organ could offer. Evensong arrived at 5pm and singing to a pack quire alongside several hundred members of the congregation in the Dome, the choir were in fine voice. Opening with the Smith responses, the choir quickly moved onto the demands of psalm singing in which their diction and delivery of these wonderful words was achieved with aplomb. The canticles were the setting by Charles Wood in Eb before the highlight of the service was the anthem, Howells’ ‘Hymn for St. Cecilia’. As the patron Saint of music and her feast day the end of November, this was a fitting musical tribute. A wonderful experience for all involved and it is hoped that we will return in the near future for the opportunity to experience this unique and majestic building again.