University Preparation

The  UP (University Preparation) programme, is a 3-day programme which is delivered to the Lower Sixth during World Ready Week at the end of the Trinity term. The aim of the programme is to prepare students for university and the next chapter in their lives.

The transition from school to university is a major milestone in many students lives and this programme supports our students as they prepare for this change. In addition to the practical guidance needed to complete a UCAS application, the programme includes support to cope with independent learning, research skills, a mock lecture, a confidence workshop and practical support including personal safety, mental health, responsible drinking and even everyday cooking on a budget. During the week a variety of experts run specialised workshops.

In addition to the work focused on university preparation, the Lower Sixth consider their potential future careers and the week commences with a ‘One Day Job Challenge. Professionals visit the College to interview every one of our students and give them direct interview feedback. In addition to these interviews, the process also includes a series of other assessments to help pupils prepare for the rigours of modern recruitment processes including challenges built around teamwork, presenting and initiative.