Social Skills and Building Confidence

Life Skills Week

Social skills are both taught and nurtured and we aim to equip students with the skills and confidence to feel comfortable in various situations, both business and social. Academic achievements count for so much, but if they are to stand out from their peers they will need something extra – to create a strong impression and gain that extra edge.

During our Life Skills Week leading education providers and key employers, will come in and hold workshops and events to engage the students in the following areas

  • Delivering confidence and manners and social etiquette.
  • Building leadership skills, problem-solving and finding your voice
  • Confident risk-taking, and  presentation skills


Social Engagement and behaviour expectation

Many social skills come from interactions with peers and adults and we facilitate situations to develop these. Communication, confidence, and being able to hold a conversation are essential when touring prospective parents at Open Mornings or hosting parents at house socials. All our students are enouraged to get involved with Open mornings and gain first hand interraction with our visitors on campus on these occasions.