Community Support

Our students are privileged to attend Ardingly College and are encouraged to give something back. By engaging in community projects, fundraising and service the better understand the plights of others and develop an understanding and empathy of the difficulties faced by others.

We believe in engaging in community projects, fundraising and service the students learn to reflect and think of others rather than themselves, building understanding and empathy of society and others who may at times need help.

Fundraising Initiatives

Various fundraising initiatives take place throughout the school year. These may be whole school campaigns or house led efforts which reach out to charities chosen by the house students. It is often the case that aside from raising money, students learn to champion the charities. Our College community  is focused on supporting this year the Chestnut Tree charity and the students have become very engaged and supportive.

Creative Talents raise money for charities.

Community Work

Senior students have Enrichment periods every week, and some choose to spend these carrying out community work. From these experiences, students learn a great deal about the importance of humanity, patience and working with people of different ages and backgrounds.

Music and Memory is a good example of a student led programme whereby students put together favoured music lists by elderly care home residents with dementia and spend time siting with them in the care home playing and enjoying the music with the residents. It is a well known fact that music can bring back fond memories and we have had such positive feedback from the care home with this programme.

IT is at the heart of our education but some people are not familiar with computers. A cohort of students work with elderly older members of the local community and showing great patience and kindness support them to connect with their loved ones virtually or give them practical computer skills.

Our sporting stars programme works with the local community holding weekly complimentary hockey cricket and football sessions  at the school campus. These sessions are planned by our students and again enable our students to learn organisational skills but also how to motivate and inspire, providing invaluable experience for those thinking of a career in teaching or coaching.