We know our planet is under threat and it is our responsibility to do something about it. Students need to understand the crisis and take action to do something about it.

Education – Climate Change Debate

The  Science and Geography departments hosted a panel debate on climate change and the issues surrounding the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. Joined by  OAs, who have spent their careers working in the energy, environmental and sustainability sectors this debate was wide-ranging and thought-provoking. The key message is that we can reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, but it will not happen overnight.”


The Ardingly Solar Car Team were the first school in Europe to design, build and race a solar-powered vehicle 3,020km from Darwin to Adelaide across Australia in the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. They completed the challenge a second time in 2019 and this time worked in partnership with Ifield Community College to build a much more sophisticated model. The partnership and work was recognised in the TES School Awards where they won the award for Science Technology and Engineering team of the year.




Why do this from an educational point of view?

To equip our future engineers and scientists with the latest technology;

  • To expose our students to the industrial and research worlds;
  • To bring in-house new skills;
  • To empower our students and to let them make informed career choices;
  • To encourage product design and allow our students to have a route to develop products for the market place;
  • To form a basis for ensuring that students keep links with Ardingly whilst in education and future careers;
  • To inspire our students to strive and have ambitious but achievable targets;
  • AND – to have fun whilst learning.

College-wide recycling pledge

Every department at Ardingly College are asked to play a part in reducing waste. Moving to Surface based education in the Senior School has reduced our paper footprint substantially.

The catering department also leads the way in educating students on food waste and moving to recycled materials wherever possible.

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