Come Dine with Ardingly

Restaurants may be closed but we are excited to be running a College-wide dining initiative ‘Come Dine with Ardingly’. Each week a new culinary theme is introduced with specific year groups encouraged to submit entries into the competition.

It is hard to judge a dining competition when the judges can’t actually taste the food,  so presentation, theme and menu choice are very important. We look forward to seeing and posting what our students and staff bring to the table, by way of photo and video submissions. Happy dining!


Week 1 – Indian

Following an Indian theme, two Lower Sixth prizes were awarded; one for an individual entry and one for a group entry.
They were chosen because: The food looked appetising, it was a well presented on a decorated table, they provided 5 really good facts about the country, excellent choice of menu and the entry visuals.


Week 2 – Mexican

There were 3 winners plus a commendation because we had so many entries to such a high standard.

  • Maya
  • Georgia
  • Thomas & Natalie

All winners delivered the brief to exceptional standards

  • Looked fabulous food
  • Vibrant decoration and really going the extra mile.
  • Great reviews
  • Facts  on Mexico were very interesting
  • Video or great pictures

It was really close this week but a commendation also goes to the bigger team for their wonderful team work. They include Madi,  Brooke,  Burton, Poppy, Iris, Connie  and  Izzy .



Week 3 – Italian


There was strong competition between Remove students for this weeks prize but congratulations must go to Tom and Lisa for their delicious Italian entries.



Week 4 Thai


Staff winner