Class of 2017 celebrate top grades

A Levels match IB for top grades

100% university placement

Ardingly College’s 2017 leavers are celebrating achieving an excellent set of A Level and IB Diploma grades and acceptances into top universities in the UK and abroad.

The combined average grade was an A, with 60% of entries achieving A* or A, and just under 90% A*-B.  The IB Diploma cohort achieved an average of 37 points, with ten students scoring 40+ points (equivalent to A*A*A).

On A Level results day, 100% of applicants had secured their university places, with 98% getting offers from their first or second choice university.

Headmaster Ben Figgis welcomed these results as well deserved for the class of 2017:

“The first year of the new A Levels has been challenging, so our students and teachers deserve particular congratulations this year.  Our A level students have surpassed the record results of our last two cohorts and have shown that both A Level and IB students can and do achieve the top grades.  For only eight A Level entries out of 219 to come in below a C grade and nearly 90% at B or above is proof of the College’s high academic standards.”

“Every single one of our university applicants has now secured their university places, and all but a handful are into their first or second choices.  This is both remarkable and a testament to the motivation of students and to the support and guidance they receive from their parents, teachers and tutors.”

“As well as academic success, the class of 2017 achieved a great deal outside the classroom, not just on the sports fields but also as musicians, actors and much else besides.  School for them has been about much more than just passing exams, but they have also worked hard and can now enjoy their academic success.”



Twenty students secured at least A*AA or A*A*B or 40 IB points, placing them at the very highest level of grade achievement nationally, and in the case of the IB globally.

A Levels IB Diploma 
Adam HousbyA*A*A*AWilliam Inglesfield43
  Emily Biggs43
Phoebe TuckettA*A*A AGiulia Zileri Dal Verme42
  Pietro Capuozzo42
Ciara BranaganA*A*A*Violaine Stevenin41
  Oliver Hernandez Fernandez41
Oliver HendrikseA*A* BSelma Daut41
  Lisa Brautigam41
Alan SuenA*A* BRaul Adriensen41
  Allegra Hohn Honari40
Emily SpiersA*A AJulien Vermeesch39
  Sofia Rondon39
Millie SearlA*A ANicole Ng39
  Anna Hatchenthal39
Toby BrannA*A ANicola Evans39
  Leone Trascinelli38
Rebecca CheeA*A AChristopher Lau38
  Lennart Fleur38
Rebecca HolmesA*A AOliver Ferres38
Ashley JohnstonA*A A  
  • 59% of A Level and IB Diploma entries graded A* or A.
  • 88% of A Level and IB Diploma entries graded A* – B.
  • 98% of A Level and IB Diploma entries graded A* – C.

Get your subjects right and success will follow

These results are also vindication of our policy to give Sixth Form students a choice of courses between A Level and the IB Diploma, and to make sure that all our students are well suited to the subjects they study.

“Students who choose their subjects wisely and play to their strengths tend to achieve their potential.  The choice of A Level and IB Diploma is crucial to finding the right fit, as is matching subjects to your academic strengths” advises the Headmaster.  “Many students are enjoying their results today because they had the courage to change course when a subject they had initially chosen wasn’t working.  In our experience, choice and achievement are intimately connected.”

Girls edge out the boys

Finally, as a counterweight to the national story of boys beating girls at A levels this year, our girls can rest easy that they won out this year in the Ardingly results, proving that co-education is in no way a hindrance to academic success.