Chapel Choir sing at Southwark Cathedral

On their first excursion of the new academic year, the Chapel Choir ventured to Southwark Cathedral to perform Evensong on Wednesday 25th September.

Having the opportunity to sing Evensong is always a delight, especially in a setting as prestigious as Southwark Cathedral. Both the song school and chancel provided wonderful acoustics to sing in as the choir rehearsed before the service.

Alongside Mr Thompson’s impressive organ playing, the choir sounded truly rich and warm. The repertoire was a fine balance between familiar and challenging: Clucas’s responses and psalm 11, followed by Dyson’s service in F major and the epic anthem that is Finzi’s God Is Gone Up. Special mention should be given to Effie King (U6, WG) and Alex Constantinou (Fifth, Mertens) who performed brilliant solos in Dyson’s Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis respectively whilst William Favier-Parsons (Fifth, Crosse) played the organ sensitively before the service.  The Finzi proved to be a high point of the service as with an electric energy, the choir sang God Is Gone Up with precision and clarity, showing off the hard work they had put into rehearsals over the past two terms.

The congregation were very pleased with the performance, and the choir should be extremely proud of their efforts to pull together such a tight and professional service.