Catering department announce their Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year – Chef Johnny

JohnnyFunny, happy, professional, cheerful, cuddly and a pleasure to be around. Gardening buff, maker of amazing relishes and Jam that outsold Monopoly sets at Christmas. Just an all-round good guy and we all love him. Joins in with ‘extracurricular’ activities whenever he remembers. His whites are always white, his shoes always shiny. This either means he is not working or is careful when working. We can’t work it out. He has thrown himself into the herb garden and looks forward to spending time talking to his plants and even comes in to work on our little patch in his own time. He listens to our crazy ideas and he really makes things happen. He is forward thinking, suggesting how we can develop further and making suggestions that can involve the students here too; South of England competition for instance and working with the students in the garden

Runners Up – Michell and Jenny

Catering Michelle

Smart, helpful, goes out of her way to ensure the job is done correctly. Always working, always has a smile and likes everyone and is liked by everyone. Had the job of looking after Pre-Prep thrust upon her and has never moaned about it and just got on with it. Taking on Pre-Prep she has made good suggestions to improve and develop this to be an improved working environment and is always very appreciative of changes made no matter how big or small. Came in on her day off to decorate the Friend’s Barn with Christmas decorations and has come in to help with Open Morning. Again on her days off. An exemplary role model. She tackled her NVQ head on charging ahead to complete the task in record time, all done efficiently and professionally.


Jenny had a trying year. However, she has made huge strides to get back to work following her illness. She is so conscientious, thoughtful, happy to help anyone, friendly, smart and punctual. She carries out anything she is asked to do professionally and thoroughly. Comes with a wealth of knowledge that she is happy to share.