Careers in Physics – Virtual Panel

In May we were excited to host our first Careers in Physics event at The College. Our audience comprised 2 Science laboratories filled with our own enthusiastic physicists, as well as a virtual audience of Ardingly students and 30 students from 5 neighbouring Colleges – Uckfield, Ifield Community College, Sackville, Collyers and Oriel. 

We couldn’t have asked for a more diverse and inspiring panel of guests. They were all asked to talk to the students about their own career path and experiences, work experiences, how to develop necessary skills to succeed in industry, what employers might be looking for, any top tips for success as well as how their job links with other sectors/professions. We then opened the floor to Q&A’s which was insightful and fascinating. 

Our panel included one of our Old Ardinians who is an observational astrophysicist who studies the properties of stars, similar to the sun. She is a PhD student, developing a new method of measuring the temperatures of stars in eclipsing binaries. The Lead Agile Business Analyst at Atom Bank also joined us. She is responsible for the banks transformation programmes that drive strategic growth and challenge the status quo of banking through an entirely digital offering. We were fortunate to have a parent as part of the panel. He is a very experienced pilot who has been flying for over 35 years and started his career in the Royal Airforce. The final member of the panel is a software developer at Jaguar Land Rover and been involved in projects including – writing code to update cars over wifi and automating testing for self-driving car technology.  

Such an inspirational panel who opened up a whole new world for our potential Physicists.