Biology Week October 2022

Ardingly Biology Department celebrated National Biology Week with a very full programme of events to include dissection, wildlife photography competition, talks, lectures, biology cakes, debates and trips.

  • Our Medical Society attended a presentation by Malcom Robinson  (Biomedical Scientist of the year) on the importance of maintaining contact between patients and laboratory scientist and on his amazing work with the Harvey’s gang foundation. This was such a moving and inspirational talk. Our prospective medics also had a very inspirational day at the London Science  Museum  Cancer Revolution exhibition and the Wellcome Trust Medicine Galleries.  
  • Ardingly Debating Society contributed to the celebrations with a very lively and well researched debate on NHS and self-inflicted conditions.  
  • A Lecture on Kelp conservation in the local area, by Ella Garrud (Living Seas Officer for the Sussex Wildlife Trust), highlighted the importance of marine Biology, key legislation and the cooperation of science with local fishing communities to preserve coastal populations and promote sustainability.   
  • The Upper Sixth students attended an amazing day at Wakehurst and were lucky enough to access the Millennium Seed Bank and talk to scientists on their incredible work in preserving plant species from across the globe.  
  • Upper Sixth Biologist Lucy S also presented her research on the Uninhabitable Earth to each of the Houses to raise awareness of current environmental pressures.  
  • A truly and uniquely inspirational talk in the Under was given by Apollo and Kate, founder and representative of a very special charity based in the Ugandan village of Kititi called Planting4Hope. Their work is entirely based on conservation, sustainability and education but especially on empowering women to work and manage a large group of HIV positive children in their community.  
  • Shell students with the support of HoMMs produced and sold a range of fantastic range of biology cakes, raising over £ 400  for in aid of local charity Harvey’s Gang (, lead by Malcom Robinson who helps children with leukaemia and blood cancer, understand the laboratory work by observing Biomedical Scientists in action.  
  • We had amazing wildlife photography entries for the competition and the first, second and third prizes were awarded to:  

1st place: Tree Branches by Jack F (Vth) 









2nd place: Mushrooms by Amber-Lily W (Shell) 







3rd: Elephants by Martina B (Upper sixth)