ArtsFest16 launched – This year’s theme ‘are we alone?’

ArtsFest 16 will explore the human species’ relationship with the universe in which we live. This year’s ArtsFest is inspired by the ground-breaking work of Professor Stephen Hawking, the visionary ideals of the Breakthrough Foundation and Christopher Nolan’s seminal film Interstellar. We shall endeavour to understand and challenge our place in the universe by collaborating with the Country’s leading arts organisations and scientists over a three day festival.

Participants will have the opportunity to develop their skills as young artists and scientists.  We will connect creativity and scientific enquiry in one breath. Whether it be grappling with the conflict between quantum physics and relativity, imagining the possibility of black holes or reflecting on how our actions create alternative realties in space and time.

ArtsFest 16 will offer a diverse range of opportunities, including one off workshops, secret talks and three day collaborations culminating in an extraordinary piece of work to mark the end of the Festival.