ARTnetWORK – Creative Careers Event

ArtnetworkTuesday 15th November heralded the first Ardingly Networking and Lecture evening focusing on careers in the creative industries.  We were generously supported by 19 professionals who joined us to share their experience and knowledge with our students. 

Individuals from areas as diverse as Fashion, Product Design, Architecture, Film-making, Gallery ownership, Art Auctioneering, Performance Art and Environmental Art (amongst others) spent time presenting short talks and involving themselves in buzzy one-to-one discussions.  Pupils were eager to understand the opportunities and pathways they dream of exploring.  We were also supported by representatives from the University College of the Arts, Ravensbourne and Condé Nast Fashion College – demystifying the vast array of routes art can take you.  Recent and more remote OAs returned to explain portfolios, foundation courses and degrees – helping bring the real life knowledge closer to our 6th form departure launch pad.  The age old cliché of ‘the starving artist’ was whitewashed by the descriptions of this most exciting, rewarding path in life, showing that passion must be the driving force in everyone’s future and can lead to the most amazing experiences imaginable.

I would like to thank every contributor and also Jessica Eustace and Lucy Sheehan for their help and support in developing this excellent event for our students.   


Claire Grover

Head of Art